Adapt To Market, LLC

If you can dream it, we can build it.

Our Story

With over eighty years of combined experience in the furniture and bedding industry, we can help lead you on a path to a profitable new beginning and beyond. We can assist your company in the design and engineering of your next generation product and help ensure that your end products find their target market, while avoiding any pitfalls that may prove inevitable without us. By incorporating our unique vendor relationships, your product will acquire market-changing engineering, which will introduce advanced technologies to your design process. By developing key manufacturing partnerships with industry leaders, we are confident that we can help to grow your business. Additionally, we have access to unique trademarked and patented materials that have not been available to the market until now. We believe that your future marketing campaigns can be a catalyst for propelling your brand to a more significant and in demand entity that can set new trends for the next generation. We assert that our customer to vendor relationship is truly unique and unlike the typical, and sometimes adversarial, supplier to manufacturer market that exists today.